Van Contract Hire

Discover a range of fantastic van leasing packages available at Value Van Rentals The home of affordable van leasing deals that are flexible, comprehensive and attractive to all budgets, Contact us to get a list of our superb leasing offers on all of the market’s latest vans and trucks.


Leasing a van has an assortment of superb benefits, such as low initial deposits, fixed pocket-friendly instalments and flexible lease terms. You can even include maintenance fees within your agreement helping you to save on extra costs! It’s hassle free, time-friendly and super practical.

No matter whether you’re looking for a short term business lease or a long term personal lease we can be of assistance. From florists and construction companies to couriers, working mums and families, van leasing deals are suited to everyone and anyone looking for a bargain and a brand new motor.

Let Value Van find you the right van hire option. Contact Morgan on 01-816 2878