Long Term Van Rental

Welcome to Value Van Rental long term rental offers. We specialise in providing vehicles on a flexible basis for multiples of 28 day rental periods.

We have a large hire fleet so if you are a Fleet Manager looking for a temporary Fleet of vehicles or need a vehicle on a personal basis we have a solution to meet your requirements.

In today’s strange financial world we know there is a great demand for our Long Term Rental Packages. Long Term Leases are being replaced with Short Term flexible leases that are much more flexible for todays uncertain world. This allows you to pay for vehicles when you need them and returning them you no longer require them.

We can deliver vehicles to your location anywhere in the Ireland and collect the vehicle once you have finished with it.

All of our vehicles are under 8 months old and come complete with full Comprehensive Road Side Assistance.

Why choose Long Term Rental?

  • There are no Termination Penalties
  • There are no Long Term commitments
  • You have vehicles when you want them for as long as you want them
  • The minimum period is just 28 days long
  • You will get a new vehicle every 3 – 5 months
  • The price we quote includes all servicing and routine maintenance costs
  • You get the latest makes and models
  • You get to choose between various mileage options

Please contact us and we can find a vehicle to suit your requirements